Computer is working slow.

Computer is working slow.

1. Check the CPU utilization first

· Which process from which user is taking more CPU/Memory

· Check the available memory and CPU utilization from Resource Monitor.

2. Clear the Temp, %Temp%, Prefetch, folder

3. Delete the Unnecessary Tool bars from Internet Explorer

4. Check the Antivirus is installed and updated.

5. All the critical windows Security Patch should be installed

6. Clear the recycle bin

7. Check the Event Viewer for any Critical Application/system event

8. Uninstall all the unnecessary software (Like : Games, Tools

Right click on the My Computer ->Properties ->Advance System Setting ->Advance -> Performance ->setting -> visual Effect -> Adjust for best performance

Increase the Virtual memory also from the advance TAB

Or set it to Control by the system

Go to the Start -> RUN -> MSCONFIG

Click on startup TAB and Clear all the unnecessary programs

And reboot the computer once.


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