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Book Review “Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability – Nuno Mota”


I got an opportunity to Read and Review of book “Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability – Nuno Mota”. I just finished reading this book and here is my review about this book.

I highly recommend this book for the Admin(s) who have at least basic understating of Exchange 2013 and want to gain more In-depth knowledge about High-Availability of Exchange server in all respects. The book contains only about 200 pages and 8 chapter with really hands-on practical stuff, so you will not get bored while reading this book.

The book covers availability of all the server roles so you can design a highly available messaging environment. A quick snapshot about the changes introduced in high availability of  Exchange 2013 provide a good platform for a reader to refresh and will benefit the reader in building the foundation.