Okta – You do not have permissions to perform the requested action

Issue – User is not able to login Okta and gets below error at the login screen.

Error – You do not have permissions to perform the requested action.

Search the user in Okta console and click on “View Logs”.

In logs, we will see below error for the User IP – “Request from suspicious actor” and “deny security.threat.detected”.

If user’s IP is flagged, we can whitelist the IP, after making sure that there is no bad actor behind this.

Create a zone for the IP –

Navigate to Security Tab -> Networks -> Add Zone -> Dynamic Zone -> Add the IP address that you need to whitelist

If some cases you will not see the “Dynamic Zone” option so you can just click “Add Zone”.

  • Zone name – Provide name for the Zone. Like “IndividualIPWhitelist”
  • Gateway IPs – Provide the IP you want to whitelist.
  • Proxy IP – If the IP which got blacklisted is a Proxy IP, add the IP here, if you are not sure, just add the IP here.
  • Click Save

Navigate to Security Tab -> General -> Scroll to the end of the page -> Edit the ThreatInsight Section -> Add the Zone name you have created earlier. Like “IndividualIPWhitelist”

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