Recover Deleted Emails in Microsoft 365

In The Previous article we have learnt, how we can find the cause of deleted emails from users’ mailbox.

In similar way, we can also recover selected deleted emails back to the user’s mailbox original folder, without any import of export process.

Search items for particular time frame :-

Get-RecoverableItems -Identity -SourceFolder RecoverableItems -FilterStartTime "12/04/2020 00:00:00" -FilterEndTime "12/05/2020 23:00:00"

To restore these items, we can simply pipe this to Restore RecoverableItems and save results. Once the command is complete, you can examine file RestoreLogs.csv for items restored.

Get-RecoverableItems -Identity -SourceFolder RecoverableItems -FilterStartTime "12/04/2020 00:00:00" -FilterEndTime "12/05/2020 23:00:00"  | Restore-RecoverableItems | Export-Csv C:\Temp\RestoreLogs.csv -Append -NoType

If we want to restore only actual email items, we can use FilterItemType

Get-RecoverableItems -Identity -SourceFolder RecoverableItems -FilterStartTime "12/04/2020 00:00:00" -FilterEndTime "12/05/2020 23:00:00"  -FilterItemType Ipm.Note | Restore-RecoverableItems | Export-Csv C:\Temp\RestoreLogs.csv -Append -NoType

In case we want to restore emails deleted from “Sent Items” only, we can use this.

Get-RecoverableItems -Identity -FilterItemType Ipm.Note -SourceFolder RecoverableItems | where {$_.LastParentPath -eq "Sent Items"} | Restore-RecoverableItems | Export-Csv C:\Temp\RestoreLogfile.csv -Append -NoType

You cannot search folders in the archive mailbox. To search for deleted items across all locations, don’t pass a SourceFolder parameter to Get-RecoverableItems. For example, this search finds all deleted items for the specified mailbox:

$Items = Get-RecoverableItems -Identity

We can then filter the $items variable and restore the selected emails.

Location of Deleted Items –

  • DeletedItems: The Deleted Items folder in the user’s mailbox.
  • RecoverableItems: The Deletions sub-folder in the Recoverable Items folder of the user’s mailbox. This is where items go after they are removed from the Deleted Items folder. Exchange’s Single Item Recovery (SIR) feature holds items deleted from the Deleted Items folder in the Deletions folder until the deleted items retention period defined for the mailbox expires (typically 14 days with a maximum of 30 days). SIR exists to ensure that users have a reasonable chance of recovering deleted items if they make a mistake.
  • PurgedItems: The Purges sub-folder in the Recoverable Items folder. Deleted items kept due to a retention policy are stored here until the retention period set in the policy expires.

Searching for Specific Types of Deleted Items:-

• IPM.Note: A standard email message item.

• IPM.Appointment: A calendar meeting or appointment.

• IPM.Task: A task.

• IPM.Contact: A contact.

• IPM.File: A file stored in the mailbox. These include files created by Office 365 as the result of some processing.

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