Microsoft Teams Storage Location

Microsoft Teams chats are persistent, this means the chat will always be available. Though, we can retain or delete the chat data by creating retention policies from Security & Compliance Center for Teams chat and channel messages.

But, where does the chat data and files shared in chat get stored ?

Teams stores chat data in a primary storage and secondary storage for compliance. Below is the brief details about Teams storage locations.

DataPrimary StorageSecondary Storage
MessagesThe Chat service stores its messages in Azure Cosmos DB.Compliance records for messages are stored in group and personal Exchange Online mailboxes [Under a hidden folder in mailbox]
ImagesMedia service (Azure) using blob storage.Any images referenced in messages are also copied in compliance records and stored in Exchange Online.
FilesPersonal files are in users’ OneDrive for Business accounts. Files shared in channels are in the team’s SharePoint document library. 
VoicemailPersonal Exchange mailboxes. 
RecordingsMeeting recordings are captured in a media service in Azure (blob storage).Within 24 hours, the recordings are ingested by Stream and available as video/audio files there.
CalendarsGroup and personal Exchange mailboxes. 
ContactsPersonal Exchange mailboxes. 


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