How to Copy Other User’s OneDrive Data to your OneDrive

There are situations when we need to copy one user’s OneDrive data to another user’s OneDrive. For example a user leaving company and his manager wants all the project related files from his OneDrive. By default when we remove user’s license OneDrive data is preserved for 30 days which can be increased. If we want to preserve files longer than this, we can either enable retention hold on OneDrive or copy data to another user’s OneDrive.

We can follow below process to Copy OneDrive data.

  • Grant permissions on user’s OneDrive to his manager How to grant permissions ?
  • Generate OneDrive link and provide the link to user
    • Login Microsoft Admin portal https://admin.microsoft.com/
    • Select the user for which you want to save the data
    • Go to OneDrive Tab and click on “Create link to access file”
  • Now user’s manager can copy the data
    • Copy the link and provide to end user to access files of the user leaving
    • Open the link on user’s manager computer and select the folders you want to copy to his OneDrive
  • Click on “Copy To” and the Manager will option to copy to his OneDrive.
  • Select “Your OneDrive”. You will have option to Copy to existing folders or you can create a new folder also.
  • Depending on the size of data, you will start seeing files and folders in your OneDrive.