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Update Room and Equipment Mailboxes features using the Resource Schema

When creating room mailboxes, it is good to show features of room mailbox to end users for easy identification.

By default in GAL description will only show “Room” which may not be sufficient to identify capabilities of Room while booking.

For example, we can update details like TVScreen, whiteboard, Smartboard with room.

Using resouce schema we can update all features of a room mailbox.

#To check current resource config

We can add resource schema using below commands.

Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema @{add="Room/WithTVScreen"}
Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema @{add="Room/Whiteboards"}

Adding resource config value will not update any mailbox, but we will have to set these configs on room mailboxes.

If a item is not there in resource config, you can’t add that item on room mailbox.

Also, only a alphanumeric value is allowed and space is not allowed.

Set-Mailbox R_BoardRoom -ResourceCustom   @{add= "WithTVScreen"}
Set-Mailbox R_PinkRoom -ResourceCustom  @{add= "WithTVScreen", "Whiteboards"}
Set-Mailbox R_SmartRoom -ResourceCustom  @{add= "WithTVScreen", "Whiteboards", "VideoConf" }

Once you update and download the GAL, you will see below results.